Monday, May 17, 2010

One step back, two steps forward.

This “quote” has numerous versions. The order shifting sometimes – reversed- to emphasize a positive or negative feel to give the point of view its power.
As stated above, it represents some in the job market (myself included). There is a time for some where the need or desire to move to a different industry comes to the forefront. The reason why are too many to list or go into here, so I will speak to me and my own thoughts.
My last employer was hit by the economic woes seen across the country bad enough to close EVERY LOCATION in the U.S! Job searching for me has had some aspects of evolution over the course of time. Compiling the top lines for job descriptions has made me REALLY look back at each position I had to see what I enjoyed and what I excelled at.
Targeting these positions means (mostly) looking to a new industry. As a result of looking to transfer skills – I am willing-expecting to take a step back in position level in order to accomplish this. It is something I am willing to do to re-establish myself in an area I can not only succeed or thrive in, but offer skills to the employer.
Easier said than done.
Example: a recruiter contacts me, having seen my resume on a job website. He says he likes what he sees. He gives the job description (and pay). He asks IF I’m interested; please send a current resume and availability to speak with me.
I reply~ YES, Emphasize a couple of points that match my experience, give a time to speak, and send a resume (the SAME resume that was on said website).
His response- “you’re obviously overqualified …what do you think?” Despite my explanation of transferring skills and acknowledging all the above….NOTHING.
Ironically my daughter (early in the job market) is also a job seeker and recently said to me about an entry level position she was declined for – “How do you GET the experience if they won’t hire you to GET it?”
As a former hiring manager, I can only imagine the landslide of applications that could come in. It is disappointing; however, I DO think of all the talent that I could speak with and possibly add to my team. It seems many employers (&/or recruiters?) are wearing blinders, not willing to mine for the gems thru an interview.
When I send an application, my letter makes it clear why and how I can bring benefits to the company. All I ask is for the chance to speak about the details and take 2 steps forward.

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