Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Job Hunting and The Lottery

I was flipping channels and came across the movie “DAVE.” It’s about a “down to earth guy that looks like the President & is put into place when the President is incapacitated.” (Fun movie- catch it if you can). ANYWAY; He’s giving a speech and says (paraphrasing-something to the effect) ‘Have you ever seen the face of someone when they get a job… a purpose... they can look themselves in the mirror knowing they’ve accomplished a day’s work…they look like they could fly.’
It made me think about myself and friends, ex coworkers who are (still) searching for work; searching online, networking, making calls and knocking on doors. Playing our numbers as it were.
Here’s the thing- have you ever known someone who played the lottery? They kept playing their ‘lucky number’ because they ‘knew’ they would win soon? WHY? “They were due.” Or because- “it was going to be their turn.’
Well, you see, it doesn’t work like that in real life. Neither does job hunting.
It is like a lottery in that you keep on ‘playing’ – crossing your fingers that today’s your day. But- you only win when the stars align, - “the numbers match” (i.e. your skills outmatches the other guy or gal’s in regard to the needs of the company).
Not because it’s your turn. Not because you’re due. The Wall St Journal says that 59% of those unemployed have been so over a year.
So wish me luck, I’ll keep playing until my numbers come in.

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