Monday, March 22, 2010

Team Effort

In a recent interview, I -of course -talked about my career highlights. While there were ideas I came up with, plans I guided to completion, etc- a different thought came to mind.
What my mind flashed to was my teams -- yes teams, not employees. I could not talk about my successes without talking about them. First, because a good leader and manager is not an island. His team can make or break him in some cases. Picking the right people, setting expectations, providing opportunity, guidance, and recognition all make a difference. My second reason-- The actual developing of team members was an achievement itself. Seeing them as the individuals that they are, and motivating, coaching each with that focus. Through group meetings, one on ones and daily discussions, I could make a difference in their career growth. I was happy to offer them a chance for success of their own, and also because how I trained and developed my team ultimately says allot about me, and my abilities.

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