Tuesday, March 16, 2010


When people reminisce about holidays, it's usually Christmas- Maybe Halloween or Thanksgiving. I'd say St Patrick's day isn't high on the list.
But to me it's special. When I was a kid is was about green decorations, colored cupcakes and (of course) Corn Beef! As a teen the cupcakes value rivaled the Corn Beef, but something new was added. I came upon a song by Paul McCartney - "Give Ireland back to the Irish." I heard it on the radio and special ordered a 45 (that's a small 'record'-- not a gun) at my local record store. The song was an odd reminder that my heritage came from Ireland on one side, and England on another.
Anyway. As a father, I tried to pass on the things that I thought were the most fun. I added the tradition of green pancakes as my own contribution to the legacy (ahh the magic of food coloring!).
Now as I look back, my children grown up (technically anyhow- in their 20's) -I find I miss alot of things on holidays. Including green pancakes.
Erin go braugh!

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