Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Customer (Dis)Service:

I grew up in a small family business and was taught to take care of the customer- make them ‘happy campers.'
It seemed really simple- the “golden rule” approach. Treat customers with the courtesy, respect AND POLITENESS that you yourself would want to be treated. “Please”- “May I help you?”- “Thank You”
I was somewhat surprised a couple of years ago to find that others I knew were SO happy if the kid at McDonald’s (or wherever) actually said thank you when handing you your change. (Side note another pet peeve is when my change is slid across the counter=????)
Why should people have to be impressed like that, or satisfied if the service is neutral/non-offensive??
I say they shouldn’t!
Customers usually only speak up to complain (yeah, I do); to let management know if someone is rude, evasive about getting you an answer (“Let me speak to your supervisor!”) etc, etc. HOWEVER- I also speak up when I get good service! I let the manager know his employees are good workers, that I had a good experience in his establishment. If he has worked to accomplish that, GREAT- he and his employee can feel good. If he was not behind it- maybe give him an idea to see “why did the customer appreciate THAT employee?” Either way it can only grow and advance the process.
Going out to eat I have had good service and bad service. In more than one case, I have told the server not only through a tip, but also directly, that they had made the meal enjoyable with attentive service and a great personality (Heck- I even tried to hire one!).
My father-in-law taught me something while working for him: You can’t buy enough advertising to get you what GOOD word of mouth does- and- You can’t spend enough money to overcome BAD word of mouth! So true. I’ll be an ambassador for the business where I had a good experience. A bad experience = I am a company’s worst nightmare!
Too many companies don’t ‘fight the tide’ and TEACH customer service. I will go OUT OF MY WAY to not give them my business. Still others realize the simple- basic lesson, the one that has guided me as a manager WHEREVER I worked. I learned through asking myself and my team a question whose answer means success and growth. –
“How do YOU want to be treated?”

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