Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Miners

I’ve been thinking off & on about the big story from last week. The Miners. I know I'm behind in posting, but life for me has happily been busy and even hectic- but time to catch up!
They can teach us SOOOOOOOO much. Not only the broad lesson about living life (family and such), but also about us as coworkers- crisis, -and leadership. While a full analysis and commentary would take chapter upon chapter; I want to touch upon just a few points rumbling through my head.
*As coworkers- there are reports there was some fighting at first. Then came, however, the realization –the acceptance that they all had the same goal. With a common purpose they focused on the goal (surviving until rescued) and by doing so they became a team. The pride and courage they showed as a result was AMAZING. When I first heard the group was arguing about the order they would leave this underground prison, I NEVER would have imagined the details. They argued who should have the HONOR of leaving last. The leader who kept them going was bestowed with that. Not a ‘me first’ by ANY means. WOW!

*Leadership: Now here’s a rich source for this heading (but I’ll keep it to a minimum); stories of the shift leader’s efforts will continue to emerge, I think. Turning arguments into resolve has to be credited to him. Not only did he manage to unify his team in this extraordinary crisis, he motivated them to rally together. This guy is my hero. He organized specified areas and schedules to keep all focused (and sane). Gathering resources like the lights on equipment to simulate day & night as much as possible; setting up exercise regimens (that helped the mind as much as the body), and other examples that DEFINE leadership as well as heroism. The examples these men set for us are nearly endless! Talk about handling a stressful situation and overcoming a crisis!!

*Even above the ground efforts of teamwork shone through. Finger pointing was almost no existent- instead, a focus on THE GOAL (getting them out alive). Various industries (including the likes of NASA) from countries around the world come together with the vision defined.

I can’t speak for others, but I can say I will remember these examples for quite some time, and try to emulate- to live up to this high bar these men set.

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