Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Business lessons and the new TV season:

No- really, I think there are some basic lessons here.

The Event……Hawaii 5-0…..The Mentalist…….and Lonestar:

The Event: Create interest and curiosity for the client or prospects. Make them want to know more. And give it to them, BUT leave more to answer…more opportunity to ….do business and provide more.

Hawaii 5-0: You remember something that was popular, that filled a need. This is something that you don’t see anymore, but you feel is still ‘needed’ –still somewhat relevant, and that would be popular if made available again. However, to make it truly relevant (current, you need to give it an update (makeover?) that brings it into “today.”

The Mentalist: You have a current ‘product.’ It’s popular, well liked – ‘used’ and talked about. As the saying goes- if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. But you want to continue your success and not grow stagnant. What to do? You build on the core of what brought you success (here= believable characters & solid stories) and bring newer ‘products’ (episodes) based on that core.

Lonestar: Simple= If you have all (or even just too much) hype to live up to—you will fail. Setting expectations is critical. There’s a lot to be said for under-promising and over delivering.

In general-- be aware of your competition (what else is on), and stand out (why watch one over another).

BOTTOM LINE—Never stop paying attention, and never stop learning—no matter the potential source.

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