Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hidden job market?

My opinion on finding the "hidden job market" is it's about luck. Luck of the "right" contacts who know before a job is posted or a need that could be solved by your hire/position creation. The other possibility is a cold call or well timed 'application'.
I had these happen twice. The 1st was when I applied to a job posting, and was called for an interview. At the end of the interview, I was told the job I applied for was filled, but there was just an opening created when someone quit. "Would you be interested?" led to a 2nd interview and hire. No ad was ever placed.
The Second instance was because of the fact I had stayed in touch with a former boss. He was aware I was looking at a possible move and asked to meet with me. He recruited me back- creating a new position in order to bring me on board. Sadly that company is now no longer with us. Closed up. Gone.
Man would I LOVE to recreate EITHER of those now
!!!! So far I haven’t timed the cold call right, and friends either tell me there’s NOTHING on the horizon or worse, they are just trying to hang on to their own jobs!
But, I’ll keep plugging- keep trying. Polls, reports, and news stories show I’m far from alone. or

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