Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Perception is reality... or so some say.
Have you ever reached into the back row when buying milk? Bypassing the front row- the still good - not nearly 'expired' carton or jug?
How about when you go to make a sandwich? Do you (George Carlin fans know) reach past the first few pieces to get to the "fresh stuff?"
Why is this? Perception?? Is there anything wrong with what's up front?? Of course not.
Now how about wine? Don't most pay more for the "aged?" When you prepare meat- do you sprinkle a little sauce or take time to marinate- to truly season it?
Now I'm sure there are so many more examples (and some that may seek to disprove my point). But for the point of THIS discussion I am simply trying to point out that "fresh" and "aged" can be looked at in some different ways.
My problem is NOT my age, here- it's the unfortunate length of time I have been out of work since my old company folded! There are many (not all -granted) hiring managers that look at you - or should I say WON'T look at you- based on the length of time you have been out of work. One recent online application had the question right under name/address!
What is REALLY happening is competition (too many applicants- too few jobs)! H/Ms and automated applications can afford to look at employment status as well as other factors. Having done hiring in my most recent postition, I tried to look at the quality-opportunity in each resume. Speaking to the person to get the best idea possible for a match (for the job, for my team).
If all the milk was the same date- would you not buy any? or is it because there is a day or 2 fresher available? All I can say is I have the experience and drive (seasoning)- I just need a chance.

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